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Why in the world do we need another form library? A voice in the crowd.

Anything new emerges from the discontent with the present. The motivation for creating React Advanced Form is to challenge the expectations of a developer of what a form solution must do. We felt there are a lot of essentials missing in popular form solutions, and thus we have decided to implement our own.


Any form solution

React Advanced Form


Form is a central point of implementation.

Field-centric. Any form is a composition of fields.


Focuses on simple use cases in favor of being smaller.

Focuses on complex use cases and has more responsibility in favor of maintainable code.


Doesn't include any validation algorithms. Delegates the logic to a developer.

Includes smart multi-layer validation. Extendable, pluggable with any third-party validation library.


Smaller. Requires extra code for any deviating use case.

Bigger. Close to no extra code for a scenario of any complexity.


There are three incrementally complex scenarios implemented using different form solutions to give you an overview of what to expect from React Advanced Form.