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Performs a manual submit of the current Form. Submit function returns a Promise that resolves into different SubmitState.

Manual submit is meant for explicit usage scenarios, and is not a conventional way of submitting your forms. If you are not sure if you need manual submit, then you don't need it.


type Submit = () => Promise<SubmitState>


import React from 'react'
import { Form } from 'react-advanced-form'
import { Input } from 'react-advanced-form-addons'
export default class Example extends React.Component {
handleSubmit = () => {
// Make sure to return a Promise here
handleClick = () => {
this.form.submit().then((submitState) => {
// This is called after the Promise of `this.handleSubmit` resolves/rejects
render() {
return (
ref={form => this.form = form}
required />
<a href="#" onClick={this.handleClick}>Submit manually</a>

Make sure to provide Form.props.action since that will be invoked after calling manual submit of the form.