Responsive props

What is a "responsive prop"?

Responsive prop is a regular prop which name is suffixed with a breakpoint name. When done so, its value will be applied at the specified breakpoint and up (default mobile-first behavior). The behavior of the responsive value application may also be adjusted by adding a behavior suffix to a responsive prop name.


To declare a responsive prop follow this schema:

propName + ?breakpointName + ?behavior

Prop name

Any Prop alias can be used as a responsive prop. Not all props are allowed as responsive props to preserve the ideological approach of layout composition. For example, you won't be able to use backgroundColor or textAlign because neither of those describe components' relation.

Breakpoint name

An optional name of the configured breakpoint.


  • up (Default) — Applies the given value from the specified breakpoint and up,

  • down — Applies the given value from the specified breakpoint and down,

  • only — Applies the given value only for the specified breakpoint.

Atomic Layout is mobile-first. That means that by default all responsive props are applied starting from the given breakpoint and up, unless different behavior is specified, or rewriting prop is met.


  • Default breakpoint behavior is up,

  • Default measurement unit for numeric prop values is px,

  • When not suffixed, any prop value is applied for xs breakpoint and up.


import React from 'react'
import { Box } from 'atomic-layout'
const Header = ({ children }) => (
import React from 'react'
import { Composition } from 'atomic-layout'
const Post = ({ title, content }) => (
{(Areas) => (
<Areas.Header paddingSmOnly={10}>