Responsive props


Any prop alias is considered a responsive prop when its name is suffixed with a breakpoint name. Responsive props may also have an optional behavior specified.


To declare a responsive prop follow the next schema:

propName + ?breakpointName + ?behavior

Prop name

Any Prop alias can be used as a responsive prop. Not all props are allowed as responsive props to preserve the ideological approach of layout composition.

Breakpoint name

An optional name of the configured breakpoint.


  • up (Default) — Applies the given value from the specified breakpoint and up,

  • down — Applies the given value from the specified breakpoint and down,

  • only — Applies the given value only for the specified breakpoint.

Atomic layout is mobile-first. That means that by default responsive props are applied starting from the given breakpoint and up, unless different behavior is specified, or rewriting prop is met.


  • Default breakpoint behavior is up,

  • Default measurement unit for numeric prop values is px,

  • When not suffixed, any prop value is applied for xs breakpoint and up.


  • gutter — Sets grid-gap for all breakpoints (from xs and all the way up),

  • marginVerticalMd — Applies margin-top and margin-bottom for md breakpoint and up,

  • placeItemsLgOnly — Places the child items for lg breakpoint only.