First of all, thank you for deciding to contribute to how developers create layouts! Follow these straightforward instructions below to get started, and see each other in pull request review!


You will have much more confidence and meaningful contributions being familiar with the following technologies:

  1. CSS Grid

  2. React

  3. Storybook

Getting started

0. Prepare

  1. Checkout the forked directory,

  2. Install dependencies via yarn install

1. Create a feature/bugfix branch

git checkout -b {ISSUE_NUMBER}-{BRANCH_NAME}

2. Develop

Run development server

yarn start

This launches webpack-dev-server in watch mode to bundle the library upon any change. Pay attention to the useful messages and warnings in the terminal during the process.

Run Storybook

yarn storybook

We develop in stories using Storybook. Create a story for your feature, or a bugfix scenario, and point your browser to the Storybook port after running the command above.

3. Commit the changes

git commit -am 'Introduces ABC'

4. Keep your branch up-to-date

git checkout {TARGET_BRANCH}
git pull
git checkout {FEATURE_BRANCH}
git merge {TARGET_BRANCH}

5. Create a pull request

  1. Select the feature branch from your fork and the target branch from Atomic layout,

  2. Fill in the pull request template with patience,

  3. Undergo a code review,

  4. Witness your changes in the repository!